Voice Teacher
and Repertoire Coach

With two degrees in voice performance, three years devoted to the study of languages and song and opera repertoire in Europe, and seventeen years as a professional singer, Barbara Hocher has both the training and experience to offer guidance to singers, regardless of their age or experience. Her students have ranged from fifteen to seventy years of age.

Ms. Hocher is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).

“I went to Ms. Hocher because I thought I had lost the ability to carry a tune. Instead I learned I was clutching my throat muscles to force a sound out and pushing my jaw forward.  I was literally choking. I didn’t even know about using my breath. What a revelation! And the sessions were so much fun!”  – Dot, age 70

“Barbara has done wonders for my voice and confidence as a singer. My technique has improved dramatically and the quality of my voice is so much better. She has taught me how to sound present, unforced, and resonant while I’m singing. She is a dedicated teacher, wonderful friend, and I truly appreciate having the opportunity to work with her.” – Marcus, 26