Teacher and Lecturer

Mannes College the New School for Music

Private voice instruction – Extension and Preparatory Divisions

Beginning and Intermediate Voice Classes for non-voice majors

A Singer’s Path: Introduction to Careers in Vocal Arts

History of Song Repertoire

DePaul University School of Music

Lecture and Q&A, Performing Arts Management course (undergraduate level) (Fall 2013).

Illinois Wesleyan University School of Theatre Arts/School of Music

Lecture and Q&A, Arts Management minors and performance majors (undergraduate level) (Fall 2013).

State University of New York, University of Buffalo (Fall 2012)

Lecture and Q&A for Arts Management class (graduate level) – Lectured on fundraising for nonprofits. Students were for various countries, and many of them had no experience in fundraising for nonprofit institutions (Fall 2012).

Ms. Hocher has a wealth of information and experience in arts management and enormous enthusiasm for sharing it with arts management students!”

– Philip E. Rehard
Arts Management Program
State University of New York, University of Buffalo

New York University

Panelist, Philanthropy Institute, Seminar: “Fundraising for the Arts” – Discussed fundraising in the corporate sector, special events, and fundraising (graduate level) (Spring 2010).

Panelist, Arts Management class (graduate level) – Discussed relationships with artists and giving feedback on case studies involving artist contracts (Fall 2002).

City University of New York, Baruch College, Adjunct Teacher

Teacher and Lecturer, Internship Class (undergraduate level): Taught, coordinated, and supervised music management students throughout the internship process, including selecting a host institution and an institutional mentor, defining their internship goals, and then assessed and evaluated their performance (1991-1993).